Newnham Archers 'In House' Competitions.


The 'Silly Six' is an informal field target competition for club members to practice finger walking, face walking and judging target range.

The competition is open to all club members irrespetive of age or discipline: Barebow, Recurve, Longbow, and Compound all welcome.

Due to number of arrows in a target arrow damage is possible thus we would suggest not using your best competition arrows.

Each competitor queues behind the safety line and approches the first target in sequence, shoots one arrow and the moves down the line to the next target. Arrows must remain in quiver until you are at the shooting line. One arrow at each target for 6 targets. Competitors then return to behind the safety line and await remaining shooters to finish.

Each round is scored collectively target by target using FITA scoring 1- 10, taking care to make sure Turf shooters do not damage arrows or competitors.

3 Rounds are shot, scores totaled and a weekly trophy given for highest points score and a wooden spoon or 'Turf Trophy' given for most in the turf. All trophies are weekly and thus returnable following week.


Results for Sunday 25th September 2016

Silly Six 25th Sept.pdf


BIG 36
The 'Big 36' is an informal target competition. 

36 arrows at the precsribed distance and target face for the week.

Results for Sunday August 28th 2016


Blank Score Sheets

Silly Six

Big 36


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